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Sunday, October 27, 2002


As I write Everlasting, I sometimes jump ahead and write a short section or something that seems to be ticking in my brain. Then, I tend to incorporate these bits and bobs into the real files as I reach their spots. The unmarried chunks are named on my hard drive according to their section headings (as you’ll see in the prologue on the site, each section gets its own title—taking the Cut My Hair chapter thing way too far), and the real bits are numbered. Last week, I finished up 1.5. Today, I was thinking of writing a stray bit, as I didn’t know if I wanted to jump from where I left off to this particular scene (Ashley visiting Lance’s apartment for the first time), but something told me to go ahead and name the file 1.6. We’ll see if it stands.

To lillustrate my point further, I added a previously written section onto the back of what I was working on today. It's an e-mail from Lance to Tristan.

I wonder if maybe sometimes I take the wrong approach on the titles. Generally, I name the sections with a reference that has something to do with what is happening. Today’s is “In Every Dream Home a Heartache,” and I wonder if that telegraphs too much to the reader what they should be reading into the moment. Like the date they go on titled “A Woman and Her Modern Monkey.”

Interesting side note: I was just flipping through some notes, and I had forgotten that the original title for The Everlasting was Cosmic Dancing. I guess I was listening to T. Rex that day (or at least Morrissey covering them). Glad I changed it.

Today’s work music: Madonna – “Die Another Day” single; DJ Shadow – The Private Press; an NME charity compilation called 1 Love (so good we played it twice! none of those cheesy, piss-take covers here! quality!); JJ72, I To Sky

Current soundtrack: Sugababes, One Touch import version

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