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Friday, June 13, 2003


UPDATE 1: This is for those of you wondering why the hell I haven’t been updating (well, all one of you). The simple answer is I have been lazy and haven’t been doing much writing. Part of it is that I have had a houseguest for nearly two months now, so it’s a different scenario when I go home. If any of us ends up on the computer, it’s usually her, looking for a job so she can get out of my house. Plus, just being more social, makes me lazy.

I have, however, just started work on Duklyon volume 2, which I hope will go a lot more easier than the last one. I am also in the middle of an afterword for the collection of the comics series Hawaiian Dick. I want both done by next Thursday morning, since I am seeing Blur on Thursday night and then leaving on Friday for NYC to the MOCCA show.

Also, I did a quick review of the anime Voices of a Distant Star for the Oni Mailing List (sign up at onipress.com), and Corey Henson at NewType posted it to ADV’s site here.

UPDATE 2: Scott Morse, artist of Visitations and the forthcoming Barefoot Serpent, bought the same bootleg of Last Temptation of Christ from the same eBay dickhead. Amusing coincidence.

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