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Tuesday, July 08, 2003


I worked pretty late into last night. I started Gravitation vol. 4, which is really amping up the soap opera. Listening to Depeche Mode and Ride and a lot of Luke Haines projects in my room while Rebecca and the cat watched Al Pacino in the other room. Trading e-mails and images with Scott to show looks and styles we are going for. I shook up my routine. A sleepless Sunday night kept me from the gym Monday morning, so I went in the evening, meaning I could stay up late and sleep in and skip Tuesday morning, too.

I e-mailed my editor from the Mercury to see if she’d let me review Blankets for them. Craig is local, and they like the local slant. We’ll see.

My Oni days are filled with press releases, trying to write out all the announces for San Diego. It can be pretty mindless drone work, and very formulaic, so I have to find ways to challenge myself, to mess with structure and make it more interesting. It doesn’t always work.

Current Soundtrack: the hum of the copy machine


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