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Saturday, December 06, 2003


Astute readers will have noticed the new e-mail address last time, but it's fucking up, so don't use it yet, stick to cut_my_hair@hotmail.com. If you sent me something and I did not reply--any of you--to my confessions123 addy, I didn't get it. It's been frustrating, as the mail protocol is picking and choosing what messages I actually see, while apparently the server log lists them all as delivered. Fuck the internet. Fuck it in the ear.

Last night I watched A Taste of Cherry, an Iranian film in the Cracketerion Collection. It was an interesting surprise, an existential meditation focusing on a man who wants to kill himself, and is driving around looking for someone to come in the morning and fill in the hole he is going to lay down and die in. It was one of those movies where it's a lot of nothing, really, from a plot standpoint--but yet 90 minutes goes by before you know it (plot is for suckers). I was a bit nonplussed by the ending, where a fourth-wall breaking coda was tacked on for reasons I have yet to discern--but still, recommended.

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