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Thursday, January 08, 2004


Three days snowed in. The problem here is that it snows and lays down a powder. Then, the next day, it rains, and the rain freezes. It even melts a little of the powder, and that freezes too, creating a hard layer of ice on top of everything. Or, worse, under everything, where you can’t see it, which is particularly dangerous for the roads. Alternately, when the snow isn't hard as a rock, it's brittle and cracks and you drop into it unaware. It just took one shoe full of snow for me to dig my old boots out of the closet. Not like I keep snow gear around, so it's back to the old punk fashion.

So, it's been a lot of movies. Pale Flower, an obtuse, existential Yakuza movie; Mulholland Drive, which I hated the first time I saw it, and after some time and some reading, loved it this second time around; Le Trou, a Jacques Becker prison break picture, full of some great twists and palpable atmosphere. I'll probably round things off with some more Fellini, a little Nights of Cabiria. Crime in the afternoons, women searching for something in the evenings.

Also am getting busy on Ai Yori Aoshi volume 5. Need to get in the swing of things. This has become a pretty natural book for me, along with Gravitation. By this point, all hands involved are in a groove. The translations get better, so I get better--we simply are more familiar with the components of the book than when we started. Tokyopop is also dangling other assignments in front of me, but not sure what will actually come to fruition yet. A surprise script dropped in my lap yesterday was taken out of it today. Crazy.

Need to do some comics brainstorming, too. There are a couple of possible pitches in my future for some short and long work. Also, expect an announcement soon about when "Chance Meeting" by myself and Patrick Scherberger will actually go online. The snow has kept the Oni brains from being put together, and I actually haven't heard back from the colorist since Monday, so it isn't going to hit this Sunday like we thought might be possible.

Hmmm...and is that The Everlasting waving at me from over there?

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