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Sunday, April 04, 2004


It's actually nice to get back to CLAMP. I don't count the novel, it's its own animal. I haven't done a CLAMP manga since wrapping Duklyon, and not one I really liked since Man of Many Faces. Legal Drug feels like a natural fit. It may be the easiest first volume I've ever started, with very little need to get my sea legs. Plus, the art is a particularly smooth style--sort of like Clover, but a little more manly.

The story seems fun. A shady pharmacy owner has two boys on staff who he sends off on mysterious missions. Throw in some mental powers, supernatural phenomena, and some boy-on-boy romance, and you've got classic CLAMP. Including their usual naiveté--like having a pot leaf as part of the design, even though so far the only connection to drugs is the pharmacy (and thus, nothing recreational or illegal).

By the by, the previously mentioned Saturday routine lasted about two weekends and is already gone. I am considering trying to make Sunday a work day instead, making my leisure day immediately after the work week. It all depends, I guess. I have two weeks to do this book, so it's all down to how it flows.

On the way home I found a Philip Roth book on a cut-out table for $2.99. And bought Nutella crepes.

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