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Friday, December 17, 2004

IS HE DEAD? (is he dead?) IS HE LIVING? (is he living?)

No, I have not been updating. Yes, I have been alive, and I have been working.

Besides the strange twists our lives always take after Thanksgiving, in this ridiculous time we have created to turn our worlds upside-down and max out our credit cards, I think I have a little post-partum depression in regards to The Everlasting. It makes me anxious, and it has made it difficult to transfer my energies to other work. However, since its completion, I have:

* Completed my first draft for the full-length graphic novel I am doing with...Christine Norrie. (There, I said it.) It's called 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, and it will be out, maybe, in 2006. No more secrets. (Sorry, Butterbear.)

* Turned in the scripts for Legal Drug volume 3 and Gravitation volume 12. The latter was turned in today, a week ahead of deadline.

* Secured a deal for a project due to be published in May, which I am now in the midst of rewriting. It makes me anxious, too. The publisher--someone we all know and love--will make an announcement soon, once all the final details are hammered out. This means I will likely be doing a comics convention or two this year, too. (It's not comics, however...but it's also not The Everlasting, which I have not yet begun to shop.)

* I got Guy Davis' inks for our story in The Dark Horse Book of the Dead, and I am really knocked out by them. His line work is more liquid than I normally expect from him, and it's really lovely. Guy drawing zombies and samurai...think about it!

I presume these are good enough reasons not to blog.

Current Soundtrack: The Music, Welcome to the North

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wallflower said...

Not a comics project, but appealing to comic book fans... The novelization of Stripperella?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got a lot of cool projects going on in your post-Oni life. Looking forward to seeing all of them come to fruition in the next year or two.

Anonymous said...

I am VERY EXCITED about the you and Christine Norrie book. That will be sooooo awesome. I actually squeaked when I read that.

In other news, I too hate Xmas.

In other other news, you have horrible taste in music. All the girls think so.


Anonymous said...

Nice Oingo Boingo ref in the title, Jamie. Looking forward to seeing your name in print more often again, too.

Ken A.