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Friday, April 22, 2005


Four Letter Worlds, bless its little heart, got chosen as the best of the week by Randy Lander over at the Fourth Rail. Read the review here.

The "Fate" section gets singled out, which includes me. Snippet: Chynna Clugston delivers what may be the sweetest, most romantic thing she's ever written (and drawn) in "Anew," Jamie Rich brings his acerbic wit and cynical point-of-view to a tale of lying that could only have been drawn by Andi Watson in "True" and Antony Johnston and Mike Hawthorne had me laughing out loud with a couple of marketing guys trying to upsell the embodiment of fate on some new image enhancements.

Me? Acerbic?

This week has me tuckered out. We've been laying I Was Someone Dead to rest, and I've been fussing about with submission packages for The Everlasting, including writing a more detailed synopsis because you never know when you'll need such things. It's actually a pretty interesting process for reacquainting yourself with your book after a break. It's making me more aware of some of the things I've done.

Current Sountrack: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Peel Sessions collection (available on their website; but donate money if you take it!)

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