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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Comics Blog is the latest place to review You Have Killed Me and give it high marks. You can read the whole piece here, but if you want a taste before heading over:

Given that this narrow genre is over 70 years old, it’s no surprise, unfortunately, that the elements that make film noir so good are becoming tired and maybe a little trite.

This didn’t stop author Jamie S. Rich and artist Joelle Jones from finding a way to breathe new life into the genre in the form of a graphic novel in their 2009 release, You Have Killed Me.

The wit that comes through Rich’s writing is only enhanced by Jones’s charismatic and detailed illustrations. The dialogue between characters has all the sarcastic wit and deadpan flair that make film noir so satisfying. The story is unraveled one frustrating piece at a time, keeping the reader just as in the dark as the hapless detective.

I love that people keep finding this book. It does a poppa proud.

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