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Sunday, May 22, 2011

SCATTERGOOD: We are the Broken Ones by Vincent Lavious and Corey Lewis

Corey Reyyy Lewis hooked me up with one of his latest minicomics at Stumptown. It's a collaboration with writer Vincent Lavious called We are the Broken Ones.

Short and scattered, Broken Ones is basically a comic book poem, a clipped narrative of two people circling one another, a boy and a girl subject to their own metamorphoses and who become estranged as a result. Is it a metaphor for growing up, for falling in love and moving apart? Possibly. It could also just be a collection of randomly chosen cool images, arranged into a kind of beautiful sequential mash-up. Its impact isn't lessened regardless. There is a happy, hopeful punchline, surprisingly poignant. The closing nugget is also just as weird as the rest of the reality this pair capture and relate through these pages, a tasty emotional fortune cookie baked with their own unique recipe.

Corey has put all of We are the Broken Ones online. You can read it here. I like it better printed, the way the pages flip and the images juxtapose, so if you can still get it that way, do it.

Corey has also finished his long-gestating second Sharknife book, so watch for an announcement of its 2012 release from Oni Press soon.

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