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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Great roundtable interview over at CBR, conducted by Steve Sunu and featuring myself, Joëlle, and Nico talking about Spell Checkers volume 2.

Rich elaborated on how he's handling the characters this time around and noted that he's grown "more comfortable" with them. "Writing the gals is like putting on a favorite pair of shoes, and it comes much more naturally. My affection for them only grows, and the more I settle into their world, the more the characters surprise me. I know that sounds pretentious, but I am a fan of the happy accident and writing by instinct, and to keep the shoe metaphor going, I often compare writing to walking. Once you put a foot forward , the natural move to follow is putting the next foot in front of that. Sometimes, if you just see where the journey takes you, you stumble into some interesting things. There is a flashback in chapter 3 with Cynthia that was a total surprise for me when I wrote it, it had not been planned, but it works to flip around certain story elements and tropes and challenge how the reader has been perceiving events and characters up until then."

Seriously. Read the whole thing.

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