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Monday, April 23, 2012


This year's Stumptown Comics Festival is upon us! Nicolas Hitori de, Joëlle Jones, and I are special guests of the convention this year, sharing tables B-6 and B-7. [UPDATE: I regret to inform everyone that since posting this yesterday, Nico had to cancel his trip for personal reasons. We're all really bummed about it.]

Please come by and say hello. We will sign your books, sell you some other books, and you can also get art from Joëlle and Nico.

I'm on a couple of panels, which you should also consider attending, including a full 45 minutes with all three of us, and another sit-down with Mike Allred.

SATURDAY, April 28

1-1:45pm • Team Spell Checkers: The Power of Three
Joelle Jones, Jamie S. Rich, and Nicolas Hitori de, the international comics trio behind the Oni Press series Spell Checkers, will either share the secrets of their collaborative success or insult each other until one of them cries. Most likely both. (And the smart money is on Nico crying.) [Room B116]

6-6:45pm • The Not-So-Late Late Show with Oni PressJoin Oni Press' marketing guru Cory Casoni for an exciting new adventure in Stumptown programming: a live comic book talk show! It's just like the gabfests you see on TV, but with people talking about nerdy stuff you actually love! Cory's guests include Portland local celebrities and comic book celebra-nerds. Featuring good housekeeping with House of Night artist Joelle Jones, special musical guest Delta!Bravo, and a whole lot of comedy... some of it intentional. [Room B114]

SUNDAY, April 29

5-5:45pm • Madman 20th Anniversary2012 marks the 20th Anniversary of Mike Allred's creation Madman. Come relive the decades with Mike, his wife and collaborator Laura, and long-time editor Jamie S. Rich. Hear about the past, the present, and the future for one of indie comics' most resilient heroes. [Room B114]

**** ALSO ALSO ALSO ****

This Thursday, April 26, come to Comics Underground and kick this weekend off right. Mike Allred, Jen Van Meter, and more will be performing at the Jack London Bar. These nights are always a blast, and I can't see why this one would be any different.


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