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Sunday, January 06, 2013


Comic Bastards, who have been super nice to us over the series so far, have a really great review of It Girl and the Atomics #6 up on their site. It's the first I've seen, so what a great way to start!

Dustin Cabeal writes:

Big surprise here, I loved the art. The creatures that Clugston-Flores illustrates are fucking adorable. Even the little boar-Alf things were cute in a creepy way. If they make plush dolls based off the creatures then I would pick them up. There is a different flair to the art style then from her previous work, but I think part of that comes from the colorist. Being familiar with her body of work I would venture a guess that this was a little out of her comfort zone, but she really nailed the art and the variety of different setting.
Read the whole review here.

I approved the issue for printing just two days ago, so it's on track for its January 23rd release. I'm pretty stoked. Chynna and I are already talking about what to do next.

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