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Sunday, March 21, 2010


This week's Five for Friday topic over at the Comics Reporter was: "Name Five Webcomics You Read That 1) Aren't Any Of The Five I Chose, 2) Posted First On-Line -- Not After Or Concurrently With Print, 3) Are Ongoing (Updating At Least Once This Year)."

Here were my choices:

1. "Ellerbisms" by Marc Ellerby
2. "Between Gears" by Natalie Nourigat

3. "EmiTown" by Emi Lenox
4. "Briar Hollow" by Terry Blas
5. "My Cardboard Life" by Philippa Rice

I had to kick Adam Cadwell to the curb, though I usually put him on these lists. But he's, well, a cad. I still like "The Everyday, though." Plus, he's always hanging around in Ellerbisms trying to instigate a threesome, so people who follow my advice will still find him.

Read everyone else's choices here.


As if sensing that I was going to post this, Tally updated the Between Gears site with her first Emerald City comics right after I went there to steal the above image. I even appear in the comics, though the below scene didn't really happen like that (I never rushed her!) and *I* introduced her to Brandon Graham first. Autobio comics are full of lies!!!!! Plus, she makes me look fat. She also makes Joëlle look like somebody's mom--though one with booooze!

(In case anyone doesn't get it, I'm just teasing Tally. I love her comics and love being in them!)

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Natalie Nourigat said...

I do not possess the technology to draw Joelle's hotness correctly yet.

How do you look fat???? There's just no pleasing you!!!

Jamie S. Rich said...

I'm svelte and handsome. You make me husky. ;)

Emi said...


Jen Vaughn said...

Husky? You've just got a great jawline. Get over it!

Cadwell said...

"trying to instigate a threesome"? Scandalous!!! And only partly true!!!

Thanks for the link though, I suppose.

Jamie S. Rich said...

I like how when I make a self-deprecating joke on here, everyone is all like, "Oh, cheer up, chum. Don't be so hard on yourself."

Make a joke on my own vanity, and it's like, "Get over yourself, old man." :)

By the way, everyone knows Jen Vaughn has a webcomic, too, right? "Mermaid Hostel"! Click her name in the comment above, and it magically takes you there. I imagine one day I will show up in it as a grumpy walrus. :)

Chris A. Bolton said...

I know you were *dying* to include SMASH on this list, but we haven't added anything new this calendar year. Don't worry, Jamie, Season 2 is on the way!