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Monday, November 25, 2002


No, I haven't gone the way of the dinosaur when it comes to my blog. I know
it must seem I lost interest already, but not true. It's just been a non-work
oriented couple of weeks.

First it was several days visiting my father, capped by a stop-off in San
Francisco to attend the Warren Ellis event at Isotope. Then when I was home, my
pal Jenny Lee from Marvel was visiting, and then a night out with my friend Lara
Michell to see Beth Orton as a belated birthday treat for her. And frankly, once
the weekend rolled around, I needed to rest. So I caught up on The Sopranos,
and dug through the new Glengarry GlenRoss DVD, as well as finishing watching The Complete Jam on Film and beginning Best of Bowie, both amazing music double-disc DVDs. Saw the excellent Standing in the Shadows of Mowtown documentary at Cinema 21. Read some comics--Ellis'
Global Frequency and The Truth #1 drawn by Kyle Baker probably topping the list--and polished off the latest issue of Uncut. A lazy couple of days.

I am getting back on track, though. I will likely start Rayearth 5
tonight and get back to The Everlasting by the weekend--a long weekend
spent being antisocial, likely balanced out between DVDs and writing.

Thinking of starting a contest for people who may actually read this where if
you can identify all the post headers you get a prize. But I am not sure what
that prize should be.

Current Soundtrack: some Badfinger at the BBC thing James has that I don't really care for (I like Badfinger, but the sound mix here is just pretty muddy)

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