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Wednesday, January 15, 2003


Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland is a wonderfully strange book. About 100 pages in length, it’s essentially a collection of non sequiturs. Each chapter doesn’t remotely relate to the previous, except hapless Miyuki laments that she has unknowingly stumbled into another mishap. Each chapter is simply her tumbling through the rabbit hole or into the looking glass and into some oddly sexual alternate world, where she is terrorized into losing her clothes before she wakes up back home. My favorite is when she ends up playing strip mah jongg. There is something wonderfully absurd about it.

The funny thing is, though, it never gets very dirty. There is a goofy, erotic innocence to the book. While you might see some lingerie, or Miyuki will feel the sting of a dominatrix’s whip, there is no nudity and no real sex. I adore when Miyuki cries because now that the evil women of Wonderland have removed her clothes, she won’t be able to wear white to her wedding. It seems a bizarrely Western convention to find in a silly Japanese softcore comic.

I am eager to get back to The Everlasting now that I am ahead on my manga. Christine Norrie turned in Cheat in penciled form and I just love it, I am heels over head for it. When my friends do their romance comics, they make me want to dig into my romance novels, and Christine in particular makes me want to go deep and find the real, heart-breaking stuff. The final quarter of Cheat is just devastatingly emotional and I hope I can achieve a similar impact.


News! Tokyopop have added the last of my current assignments to their website. Gravitation. I think if you read the description, it's fairly obvious why I was chosen to do this. I am also kind of excited because it's going to be one of the first of a very different genre of manga to make it to North America--romance comics featuring all male characters, but written and drawn for girls to enjoy. I have a feeling a lot of its audience over here will be gay men, but there is something kind of cool about the idea of a comic with boys kissing purely for the pleasure of Japanese school girls.

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