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Wednesday, January 29, 2003


My cat is sitting in my lap and I am kind of trapped here, in my chair, in front of the keyboard. The CD ended about five minutes ago. I was playing the first disc of the Erasure “Solsbury Hill” single, and I guess I should have picked something longer.

Haircut today. Last time I went in I gave Jennifer a copy of Cut My Hair since it was just before Christmas. I felt kind of cheesy and egotistical doing it, but at the same time, I do like to share. You never know what to do when you see someone again after giving them something like that, though. I don’t want to bring it up and ask if she’s read it. I’d feel like I was hounding her. But she brought it up and said she was halfway through, she had to wait to start it until she had finished her other book. She said she liked it so far, and really liked the illustrations. So, yay…though I worry I may be pigeonholed as the guy with illustrated novels. I am not sure I really want to do that with The Everlasting. Bonus was the really good haircut. Showered when I got home, too, which is always a nice feeling when the hair is cut short. I should have shaved it all off just to piss of Chynna at the Alternative Press Expo. Letters to Blue Monday suggest we don’t bicker enough anymore, so this would hopefully kickstart an argument revival.

January has kind of been a crap month. Even if we ignore the war that is seemingly inevitable because, frankly, our leaders seem to be the madmen they claim they want to destroy, it’s just been a real rush work-wise. And I have a bunch of trade paperbacks and original graphic novels (or as we like to call them, OniGNs) on deck, which are piling up and seem really hard to put together. The Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero trade is just around the corner and I am just now preparing. We may have a lead on the girls who were in Kenickie, though, which would be great. We failed to make contact to get a quote or an introduction for the first collection (though bless Andy Greenwald, he tried), so if we can pull it off—well, a lot of people may not care, but we’ll think it’s cool as all hell.

Cat just got up. Good. My legs were falling asleep and I need some noise. How about Kenickie’s Peel Sessions disc for good luck?

I’m feeling a bit stressed. Or maybe not stressed, maybe rushed. I have that feeling that my guts are moving at a faster speed than the rest of me. There has been some misunderstanding, and a book at Tokyopop that I thought I was taken off of so I could do Gravitation has now come back around, and they are in a pinch, so I can't say no, meaning I now have three books to do in the next six weeks, with this one--Man of Many Faces--being due next Friday. I thought Jake said I wasn’t doing it because it was too girly even for me. I think I am going to try to start Gravitation right now—which I was going to do tonight anyway—just to get a jump.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of contacts – if by some bizarre chance someone who reads this knows how to get through to Faye Wong’s people, I have an alternative American magazine interested in me doing a piece on Faye for an upcoming issue—about her music and about me being a North American, English-speaking fan. My e-mail is below. Help! So far, I’ve had no luck. Even just a direct contact to Sony Asia would be appreciated, as I've gotten no reply through their website.

Current Soundtrack: Kent, Isola (just moved forward to the next CD in the rack when refiling Kenickie, and thought it would be great to hear “If You Were Here”)


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