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Saturday, August 30, 2003


This week has been hell for trying to get work done. I’ve spent four nights on Gravitation vol. 6 and I am starting this morning only on page 66. That’s pathetic. Thursday night I tried working while watching the VMAs, which I figured would make both less painful, but ended up talking with my friend Ben Holcomb on the phone for nearly two hours instead. Last night, I worked while watching a music DVD (Destiny’s Child, as referenced in yesterday’s entry). I can’t really work with a movie or TV on that has any plot, as I don’t really end up seeing much of the program or getting much writing under my belt. I envy people who can do that. So, this was an experiment—and I don’t think it worked. It’s hard to judge, since I’ve been having massive computer problems, and I crashed a lot last night—but I don’t have many pages to show for my efforts and though the Destiny's music was good, I hardly remember any of the visuals.

By the way, in volume 6, Shuichi gets a new haircut and it kind of makes him look like Chynna Clugston-Major. Which is funny, because I always fantasize about her being a teenaged boy…

Which is which?

Trying out a new band on the headphones right now. The Darkness. Know nothing about them, except that their lead singer seems to enjoy a frock or two. The album is Permission to Land, and I am really not sure what the hell is going on. You ever see Jim Breuer do Gunner Olsen, the heavy metal dude on the news on Saturday Night Live when Colin Quinn was the anchor? Well, you’d almost swear that guy got a band together. The dude can fuckin’ sing, that's for sure. I can practically feel my own balls suck up into my body cavity every time he hits a soaring high note and holds it for a whole line—but Jesus, what next? Are Rainbow going to reform? (I say that knowing full well they may be on tour right now—with Ronnie James Dio even—though the trend seems to be has-been bands touring without their egomaniac lead singer.) I mean, the second track on this Darkness album is called “Get Your Hands Off My Woman,” and not to sound like a redneck or anything, but unless the dude was talking about himself, it wasn’t very convincing.

No dress, but what is with those pants?

Then again, I bet a lot of Portland hipsters would love them. They can sit in old man bars drinking PBR and talk about the Campaign for Real Rock. *shudder*

Best lines of today’s work: “And my dream is to be a novelist? How gloomy can you get? You’ll never get girls that way.” (Eiri Yuki)

Current Soundtrack: Aflie, Alfie radio, Edwyn Collins Doctor Syntax


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