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Thursday, November 06, 2003


My word, am I wiped out today. The news of my departing from Oni to write has spread like mushrooms in a field, and I actually don’t like mushrooms all that much. My eyes are tired. I am sick of my e-mail dinging. Thank goodness I am not too self-important when it comes to the comics stuff (most of the time).

I was attempting to re-ignite my story on Faye Wong now that her new album is coming out, but I haven’t much desire right now to deal with either the record company or the magazine I was talking to about it oh those many months ago. The record company I think is reminding me that Ms. Wong is a huge, huge star overseas and wants a few hoops jumped through to justify her talking to me; the magazine has passed me on to a different person than I talked to before, and it appears none of the history of previous interactions was passed on to this editor, and the e-mail I received went overboard in the explanation department. It might be my mood, that I just don’t feel like being back in elementary school with some lame substitute teacher, or that it all struck me as a little too alternative journalism for me, but I just am pretty much going to hang it. He didn’t seem to care anyway, and it sounded like my pitching him was going to be a waste of time. I know I should pursue every opportunity right now, but last I heard, there was no paycheck on the end, and so I can’t be bothered. I’m going to keep my head in my honey jar, Piglet, because even though I like the honey in that other jar, it’s a pretty cool jar, my own jar is warm and the smell is familiar to me.

Plus, I woke up to multiple notices that Suede are calling it quits. The wording suggests it could be just for now, but damn. There is a weird connection here. I discovered Suede in 1993, in my last semester of college, and their first US tour was the month after I dropped out. I saw them three times that tour, if you include The Tonight Show, and it was as life was getting started for me, in many ways. I actually remember coming up to Oregon for my week-long internship on Spring break, playing Bob Schreck “Animal Nitrate” that I had taped off the radio.

And now just as it’s announced that I am making this change, poof! They go. Is it my fault? Am I secretly to blame?

Been working all week on manga. The untranslated copy of Ai Yori Aoshi 4 was a bit late in arriving—a fact I was fine with when it gave me an excuse to slack off this past weekend. But since it’s due Monday, 11/10, I felt a little more of a push to get moving. I jumped ahead onto Gravitation 7 this past Monday, so that even if we had to fudge the Ai Yori Aoshi deadline, I could catch up on the Gravitation one. (Terribly interesting stuff, eh?)

But Ai Yori Aoshi showed up yesterday and I actually sat and started it out at a coffee shop while a friend studied, and I cranked the first 50 pages in no time. She said she also got a lot of her studying done rather quickly, and we both admitted to not allowing ourselves to get distracted like we do when alone, in fear the other might have thought us a slacker. We could be on to something…

Random pic of Kylie Bardot

Finally, for those of you who may have an interest, who are not from the Oni boards and haven’t seen these and care, here are two more spots where I discuss my future: Newsarama and Comic Book Resources. Neither of them contain that terrible photo yesterday's did.

And if you don’t care, well, not sure I can be arsed either. So, cool.

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