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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I ventured out to the comics shop for the first time since June because the first issue of The Golden Plates by my buddy and living Adonis, Mike Allred, was released today. I was flipping through some other comics when someone asked me if I was who I was. What the hell? I need to wear a wreath of garlic next time!

I had kept my Kerry/Edwards button on my bag as a small way of hanging in there, but it seemed to only invite people to talk to me. So, I took it off.

I'm on my read-through of The Everlasting. I have read a quarter of it and am really happy with it so far. A few things have popped up that I had not seen before, my subconscious working to bring out the themes in ways I never imagined. There some sensory descriptions early on that I know I reuse later, but I am wondering if when I get to the second instance, if the repetition will work. If not, I'll change it. I will likely be staying up all night to see how far I can get. I don't want much pause in the process.

Current Soundtrack: Depeche Mode, "Enjoy The Silence 2004" CD2

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