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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I lost in my efforts to not look at campaign coverage. I was outvoted at work. I am still hopeful. It doesn't look like anyone can officially call it tonight, it's going to be too close. Don't you love how predictions are made on the slightest percentage of votes reported? It seems ridiculous to me that for an effort this large and this important, we want instant results and sit glued to our TVs watching stuffy Tom Brokaw make guesses based on limited information.

But regardless of who wins, I have two observations that I find disheartening:

(1) Something like 10 states--including I am, ashamed to say, possibly my own--are voting to define marriage as something between a man and a woman. Many of these (maybe all, I am not sure) are doing this in their State Constitutions. This seems like a dangerous lack of forethought as far as I am concerned. Amending any Constitution should be considered a major deal, and to my mind, it should never be done to create exclusionary rights. These amendments weaken the moral strength of the documents they are attached to. And really, what for? An issue that is being decided by people for no real reason whatsoever? Letting same sex couples be married doesn't change the fact that men and women are getting married and divorced all over the country. I am sick and tired of this legally privileged class we have created. At this point, I'd like to see any benefits for married couples and parents repealed. That's right. Forget the issue of sexuality. As a single male with no desire for children, I am tired of being a second-class citizen. And if this is how you people are going to treat the standing afforded to you, let the reign of terror end!

(2) Given that the voting seems to be falling in the exact same slots as four years ago, it suggests to me that this country is stuck. Particularly given what an eventful four years it's been, I can't believe that we have changed so little. All I can guess is that people really don't think about the world around them, they are sticking to the party line. More than ever, this is the time for an alternative voice to rise up and break this system down. We have three years to get our act together before the next time this circus comes to town. Let's make something happen. Leave Nader at the side of the road, and let's find some people who are willing to make some real change occur, building across all levels of politics and not just fulfilling an egomaniac dream to chase the top prize. There's room to do it, so let's do it.

But let's all also hope we'll wake up in the morning and George Bush's smug smile will be changed to a petulant frown.

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