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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


It's movie time again.

First, the newest installment of "Can You Picture That?" went up today. In it, you will find a tribute to Ismail Merchant and a review of the indie film The Graffiti Artist. (Anyone wondering what Westerns I was going to review, the one I was going to most hearily recommend was Sam Fuller's Forty Guns. What an amazing, take-no-prisoners film! Even today it pulls no punches, so for 1957, it was pretty out there. The sexual innuendo alone is shockingly risque. Who knew references to cleaning rifles could be so dirty!)

Second, new monthly picks for Trilogy Video. My choices for June veer between women in a questionable state of mental health or not-so-right relationships, and sometimes both.

* Crazy/Beautiful, starring Kirsten Dunst

* House of Yes, starring Parker Posey

* Leave Her To Heaven, starring Gene Tierney

* Millennium Mambo, starring Qi Shu

* Zhou Yu's Train, starring Gong Li

Everyboyd's Talkin': Eric Stephenson, editor of Four Letter Worlds, has an interview up at Suicide Girls. I am not talked about, per se, but the interviewer did single me out in the intro. Beware, you may see boobies and/or tattoos. Confessions reader/filmmaker Robert Fortney also tells me the book is reviewed in Entertainment Weekly, but I haven't seen it yet.

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