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Monday, May 16, 2005


Big releases for me this week and the rest of May.

1. I Was Someone Dead still has a couple of weeks before it will be on shelves, but Amazon has finally added a listing for it. Preorder HERE, and don't be afraid to give them the correction that it's written by Jamie S. Rich and illustrated by Andi Watson, so that maybe they'll put our names on it.

2.The Dark Horse Book of the Dead anthology with my short story "Kago No Tori," illustrated by Guy Davis, lettered by Lois Buhalis, colored by Dave Stewart, is on its way to stores now.

Other contributors to the book include Evan Dorkin, Jill Thompson, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, Kelley Jones, Gary Gianni, and more.

3. Ai Yori Aoshi vol. 9. I'm continuing to do the scripts on this sweet little soap opera manga. It's one of my favorite jobs. Released this week.

4. Blue Monday: Painted Moon trade paperback collection by Chynna Clugston-Major, on the way from Oni shortly. When I read the script for the fourth issue of this series, there was a moment where Mr. Bishop referred to an incident in his past. I told Chynna I wanted to know what happened there, and she said if I did, I had to write it myself. So, I scripted a short comic story and she illustrated it for this collection.

Order any three of the above, or any of the two with a copy of Four Letter Worlds , and you can get free shipping. Or you can order four things, all five, or any combination of these and anything else your heart desires. It's also not to early to go to my Wish List and plan what to send me for my birthday, content in the knowledge that you can buy me something and I will never return the favor.

While you're at Amazon, you may note they added some more strange stats to Cut My Hair . They have a concordance now that has things like word count, stats about the complexity of the words I use, how many words you get per dollar spent, and the top 100 most frequently used words. I'm glad to see "fuck" made the list, and that you can actually click on that word and it will show you where it appears. Like on page 6, it says, "'Shut the fuck up, asshole,' somebody replied." Actually, by page 31, apparently someone is told to "shut the fuck up" three different times. Where's my Pulitzer?

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