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Friday, December 25, 2009


More Christmas art.

I commissioned this Notorious-themed bottle from Kelley Seda to give to Joëlle. It's tough to give a talented artist artwork, you have to find an equally talented artist. Kelley did such a phenomenal job on this, it would be a crime not to share and show it off. Also, check out Kelley's adorable Christmas card at her blog.

In return, Joëlle gave me these super awesome cuff links!


Current Soundtrack: Venture Bros. Xmas songs


mark coale said...

When I read the twitter tease, I thought you meant she had re-created the wine bottle from Claude Raines' cellar.

Still, that's very cool.

Joelle said...

It's totally awesome Jamie, thanks a ton!

kseda said...

So super glad it was loved!