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Thursday, December 31, 2009


A couple of things for the last day of the year.

* First up, a new review of the Love the Way You Love: Side A trade paperback over at the "I Just Read About That..." blog.

"I’ve always liked Jamie Rich’s stories. He’s written some full-on fiction in addition to his comics. And they’re both solid, romantic works. Ellerby’s drawing style is rather cartoony (big eyes and often outlandish hair, but it works in context). This is especially so since this story is about teens/post-teens and rock bands....

Rich makes his characters full, with a wide emotional range. The secondary characters are also quite good, especially Lance, Tristan’s younger brother, who wears a cool hat and has some of the best lines in the book.

Not bad! I'll take it. (More, obviously, in the link.)

* Second, in case you're not sick of best-of lists yet (I've avoided most, and it's still like a lot of white noise to me), here are a few more after someone's ingenious mash-up of the movies of 2009. It's like a trailer for the whole year.

* DVD Talk's writers voted on their Top 20 DVDs of 2009, and this is what we came up with. I wrote the blurbs for Wings of Desire, Up, and The Human Condition. I should've staged a walk-out, though, when Watchmen's name even came up.

* Jason Bailey posted his Top 10 Theatrical Releases of 2009 on his Fourth Row Center blog. Note how great his first 3 are, though a little backwards. (Compare to my list, in other words.)

* Christopher McQuain has added his Best Films of the Decade to Facebook. (Why not your own blog, hepcat?)

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