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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I think I have my full schedule for the show worked out. Most of the signings will be with Joëlle, with us appearing close to twice a day at the Oni Press table, which is Booth 1833. Joëlle also has a table in Artist's Alley, she is table HH-13.

For more about getting art from Joëlle, go here, and her schedule is right here.


* 1-1:45 - Oni Press Signing
* 5-5:45 - Oni Press Signing

* 1-1:45 - Oni Press Panel -Room 32AB - I don't think we are officially on this, but we will likely be lurking around. Put Oni on the spot and ask them what I have coming in 2012!

* 3-3:45 - Oni Press Signing
* 5-5:45 - Oni Press Signing

* 11-11:45 - Oni Press Signing

* 1-3 pm - Tr!ckster Symposium 5: Building a Creator-Owned Team


Featuring storytellers MIKE ALLRED, LARRY MARDER, GREG RUCKA, JAMIE S. RICH, and more TBA
Writing a story is hard enough, but finding the visual pairing to help express the story to its fullest can be pivotal in crafting your work. The right combination of exposition and dialogue with the perfect set of sequential images make for excellent, memorable storytelling in comics and children’s books. Join in with acclaimed writers and the artists they’ve worked with as they explore how the creative team, and the creative process, come to fruition.

PERFECT FOR: writers and artists hoping to make comics as a team.

6-6:45 - Oni Press Signing

* 11-11:45 - Oni Press signing

* 2-3:00 - Spotlight on Joëlle Jones

Since her debut illustrating 12 Reasons Why I Love Her in 2006, Comic-Con special guest Joëlle Jones has been one of comics' most talked-about new artists. Get in on the conversation as Jones sits down with journalist Erik Henriksen and her long-time collaborator Jamie S. Rich to discuss her various projects from Oni Press, Vertigo, and Dark Horse and what it's like to draw Dr. Horrible, Madman, and Spider-Man. Room 4

There might be a betting pool for how long into this panel it takes for Joëlle to call me a jackass.

* 3:30-4:30 post-panel signing - Autograph Area 7 (AA7)

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