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Monday, September 10, 2012


It's a big week. Both the second print of It Girl and the Atomics #1 and the very first printing of It Girl and the Atomics #2, complete with two covers, will be hitting the stands on Wednesday.

We got a pretty great review from the Onion's AV Club last week that got me pumped up all over again. Check it out.

It Girl is bored. Gifted with the ability to take on the essence of whatever she touches, she just stays inside and plays videogames, occasionally gracing her hand along a plastic bag so she can sail along the waves of ennui. It’s no surprise that a superhero created by Michael Allred would headline a vibrant, charming ongoing series, but It Girl And The Atomics #1 (Image) is a bit more impressive considering Allred’s only involvement is in providing covers. Writer Jamie S. Rich and artist Mike Norton do great work capturing the imagination and irreverent humor of Allred’s Madman comics, and they create an easy entry point for new readers into It Girl’s wacky world. Fans of Bryan Q. Miller’sBatgirl series will appreciate Rich’s interpretation of a superheroine who doesn’t take her job too seriously, and It Girl is the type of joyful superhero title of which there are few at DC or Marvel. Mike Norton is becoming one of the busiest pencillers in comics between RevivalIt Girl, and his Eisner Award-winning webcomic Battlepug, but his heavy workload hasn’t had a negative impact on his artwork yet. With an animated style reminiscent of The Venture Bros., Norton’s pencils are light and expressive, keeping consistent with the look Michael Allred has established for these characters.
We also got a nice review for #1 from International House of Geek: "It’s a cute start and I’m intrigued to see where the story goes from here."

And Paul Mirek has similar things to say. An excerpt "This first issue serves to introduce the unfamiliar (like me) to It Girl, a seemingly air-headed bombshell with the power to take on the properties of anything she touches. We’re also given brief intros to some of It Girl’s colleagues, including the unstable Dr. Gillespie Flem, who provides the hook for the series when he encourages It Girl to break out of her current ennui by letting him test his sci-fi inventions on her. With a hilarious premise and a team of dedicated and idiosyncratic creators, this series seems to be off to a great start."

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