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Monday, December 10, 2012


It Girl and the Atomics #5 lands on Wednesday. You can read a preview of it here at Comicosity, who I think got it online first.

Comics Bulletin is doing a special twofer for us today. Keith Silva has a spoiler heavy review of #5 (well, mainly spoilers if you haven't read #4), and he also did a lengthy interview with me about the series and my film reviews and other comics. Read that here.

And don't forget, I'm heading down to California. Come by Heroes in Fresno on Wednesday to get your comic book signed, from 10 to 2. Smuggle me booze, if you dare! (Small bottles, easy to hide.) I'll sign anything you bring, and we'll have all the issues of It Girl and the Atomics. Here are the details.

Just turned in solicitation for #9, the Black Crystal/Slug issue, while Mike Norton puts the finishing touches on #8. And don't worry, we have someone super special booked to guest on #10 and #11, a two-parter, and she's already done with the first issue!

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