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Thursday, February 09, 2006


It's time to do a long overdue blogroll. I don't have any links on the side of my blog because (1) I like the unencumbered text version, and (2) when it loads over to my site, the sidebar would get in the way. So, here is a list of blogs I read and some blogs who link to me:

* All About My Movies
* All the Young Mod Soldiers
* The Beat, Heid MacDonald's comic book news
* The Boy Who Heard Music
* The Brian Hurtt Locker
* The Comics Reporter
* Scott Morse's Crazyfishbowl
* Eric Stephenson
* Eyesore (Marc Ellerby & Friends)
* Foxymoron Sucks
* Girl Farts, courtesy of Kelly Sue Deconnick
* Go Fug Yourself!
* Journalista, Dirk Deppey's comics news blog
* Teddy Kristiansen's art blog
* Large Hearted Boy
* Laurenn McCubbin
* Neal Shaffer's Leftwich
* Neal Shaffer's second blog, dedicated to his book Borrowed Time
* Lark Pien's Little Bird House
* Life of the Party
* Making It Up As I Go
* Man of Action comics collective
* Matt Fraction
* The Natty Minx
* More comics news on the Newsarama blog
* On Five, the Criterion Collection Blog
* Oni Press news blog
* Paul Chadwick
* Paul Pope
* Pop Candy, the USA Today entertainment blog
* Kevin Matthews' Power of Pop (see also Popland)
* Right Wing Watch
* Roger Langridge
* Sarah Grace McCandless' Sarah Disgrace
* Satellite Town
* Thoughts From the Bus Stop
* Top Shelf Comix
* Trappings
* Untouched by Work or Duty
* What Would Tyler Durden Do?

And this does not include all the people like Chynna Clugston, Andi Watson, Jennifer de Guzman, Marc Ellerby, Elin Winkler, Jen Wang, Debbie Huey, Jamie McKelvie, Vera Brosgol, Greg McElhatton, Ian Shaughnessy, etc., whose blogs I read through my Live Journal friends list.

Updated 1/2/2007

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