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Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Several things with my authorial name are hitting bookshelves this week.

First, in comics shops and bookstores everywhere is the trade paperback collection of Hawaiian Dick: Byrd of Paradise by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin. I wrote the afterword, coz I guess they have no friends. Always picked last for the team, that sort of thing. Here's a sample:

I like to think of Hawaiian Dick as a gateway comic.

It looks all soft and easy and harmless, and it reads like a dream and makes you feel real good, but really, it’s just easing you into the harder stuff.

The comics world is rather stuck at the moment. This is probably the umpteenth essay you’ve read that says this, but really, not enough people are getting it, so I’ll say it again. Comics development was arrested somewhere in its adolescence (making the comic book industry the Robert Cohn in this Sun Also Rises world of ours), condemning the art form to an endless cycle of guys in garish costumes beating each other up. That’s what most people think of when they think of comics. That’s even what most fans think of when they think of comics, so stuck in this groove are we.

But it’s not the whole truth. There is a bigger picture. There is more to this world than guys in fetish gear wearing their underwear the wrong way.

There is Hawaiian Dick.

You have to buy the book to read more. If I gave it all for free, what would be the point of them asking me to do it? (I'd also link to Amazon, but it doesn't appear to be listed.)

Also out now, at least in bookstores, is Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders volume 1, the CLAMP riff on superheroes and Power Rangers. The script was a chore, but in hindsight, I think I made it fun, and the printing is beautiful.

Oh, and it looks like my other manga title has finally been announced. Good, since I got volume 3 in my inbox yesterday to start working on. Read more here.

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