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Friday, October 03, 2003


Just after I posted yesterday, I sat down and the last two installments of “Chance Meetings” literally just spilled right out. Even the ending became clear, and it took a couple of twists I didn’t plan on. I found it a pretty interesting experience, just because it’s such a confining format, the online comic strip. Unless you’re going for gags, there isn’t a lot of room to play around. So poor Patrick has 11 panels or so per installment, and he has to do a lot of acting with the characters, because dialogue is sparse and there is a lot of shorthanding.

Also, it seems like serendipity that Blind Assassin has a novel within the novel, and does all sorts of wonderful things with storytelling—and this only being 23 pages in. This is going to be a fun read, yes. (And for notes on literary fiction, please check Jen de Guzman’s live journal entry for 10/2, and then chalk me up as agreeing completely).

I was messaging with Oni’s little brother, Ian, today, and he was talking about trying to write while having to do tons of papers for college, etc. I told him how I used to write in the dorms every Sunday, and all I got out of it was my lousy screenplay, Lords of Order. It was an abysmal adaptation of the first installment of what was going to be a graphic novel trilogy (I actually wrote and partially thumbnailed the first two volumes of that in high school) about a group of teenagers with mental powers. And until I had brought it up, I had never realized that this was the first occurrence of three brothers in my work. Completely different characters, but in each section, we’d focus on a different brother (the first two violently dying in their volumes). They have since been replaced with Tristan, Lance, and Percival in the novels (with Tristan never being a main character)—and I wonder where this comes from? I know I always had a thing for dualities, and the little brother/big brother two-sides-of-the-same coin thing I have with Mason and Jack in Cut My Hair--something I chalked up to me being very Gemini. So where did I dig up this trio notion? I have no brothers, just one sister. I wonder where else I have done it without realizing it? (Perhaps, arguably, add Tristan to Jack and Mason, and it’s there, too.)

Self-analysis. Bah.

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