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Monday, October 13, 2003


Blind Assassin coincidence: The second generation of men in the button-making family all have names inspired by Wagner and the King Arthur stories. The youngest of the three brothers is named Percival. In my “Romance Trilogy,” all three brothers are named for Arthurian knights, and the youngest is Percival. Atwood and me, like our pinkies are interlocked in a secret society of knowledge.


The new manga is kicking my ass. Starting off a new book can sometimes be such a bitch. I did 20 pages in about two hours, which is pitiful. Just haven't found the groove. My eyes are also bleary from too much Powers. Going over stuff for the Anarchy tpb, which I think is volume 5. Trying to make sure names are conistent, and then Bendis and Oeming did a long conversation text piece for the back, which took a lot of editing. Inbetween did some jamming, playing with some characters I have in search of a plot.

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