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Saturday, October 11, 2003


Watching the new Fargo disc and ruminating on the ruse of beginning the film with “This is a true story.” Is it a lie? The events aren’t real, but does that make it untrue in a story sense? Substitute “real” for “pure,” as in this is not a real story, but it is a pure story, a story through and through, true in the sense that it is story—a true story.

By some strange coincidence, shortly after typing the above, I started working on a new manga title I’ve been assigned (not yet announced). On the contents page, one of the chapters is listed as a “Dark and Story Night!” I am perplexed by it. It could be a typo (they meant “stormy,” and the translator missed the “m” when typing), or it could be a pun. Yet it strangely plays into my obsessions. Which does connect to my intellect. Can you handle it? (What?)

Current Soundtrack: Trash Can Sinatras, Zebra of the Family disc 2; Saint Etienne, “Action (Mr. Joshua edit);” R.E.M. covering Interpol


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