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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I knew it was too good to be true, getting this far through the winter with no flu, no cold. Thursday night, I should have paid attention to the signs, to the dry mouth that could not be gotten rid of, not even with the extra-strong ginger ale taken from my girlfriend's last place of residence, left by a roommate, so strong it nearly chokes me as the bubbles travel to my nose. Spent the weekend on cold medicine, trying to be entertained without demanding too much of myself (Beat the Devil, starring Bogart, directed by Huston, written by Capote). What could be taken in chunks, before konking back out again. All the while, this new Tokyopop thing looming. I only have a month left to sail these unchartered waters.

Sunday night, feeling better. Actually began to tackle the Tokyopop, getting the easy beginning out of the way. Moved up to a subtitled film (Happy Together by Wong Kar-Wai, and now I've seen his entire filmmography). Skipped the gym Monday morning to be safe, and headed in to work--only to come plodding back midway through the day. Funny how safe in your home bubble you start to feel better, and as soon as you leave, the elements take their toll. So, didn't even try today. Now the head is a little large and I'm wishing I could remember the grand revelation, the simple equation of life that I thought would be so good for The Everlasting, that came my way this morning and has now moved on to a more conscientious caretaker.

Current Soundtrack: score to Two for the Road composed by Henry Mancini (on old, scratchy vinyl)

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