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Thursday, February 26, 2004


I hit send about an hour ago. The project is done. Gone. I proofed and rewrote twice. I actually liked it better the second time. I plan to lay on the floor this weekend and let DVDs massage my brain.

Tuesday I went out to 23rd Avenue Books and saw Brad Meltzer read. He is an affable public speaker, and the stories he told before reading from The Zero Game were probably better than the chapter itself. After, a bevy of local comic book luminaries went out for dinner. Greg Rucka, Matt Wagner, Oni publisher Joe Nozemack, and visiting cartoonist Colleen Coover with her partner, writer Paul Tobin. Brad probed me for my future plans. He is truly one of the sweetest men alive.

My next goals are to write the short comic story Andi Watson is going to draw for an upcoming anthology. I also have a short story idea rolling in my head. And have two different ideas for possible graphic novels that I need to outline. And some novel or something I've been writing for a century.

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