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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Sorry to be giving such short and unexciting updates, but I haven't got anything weighty to say. Too buried in work. But...

Augie De Blieck Jr. gives my "Can You Picture That?" column a really nice review in his Pipeline column at Comic Book Resources. Be sure to go read the whole thing, but if I may, here is a relevant quote: "Jamie S. Rich started up a new monthly DVD column at the Oni Press website this past week. It reminds me why I don't dip my toes back into those waters anymore. While I have done a couple of DVD review columns in my lifetime, I couldn't elevate it to the level Rich does here. Not without a couple of years of film school, at least." Thanks, Augie!

I posted a review of Love & Poison at Amazon. Some of you may be sick of reading about that book, so I will let you go read the piece there. Seriously, though, buy this book. And when you do, be sure to get to it through my link, coz Amazon gives me a kickback if you do. (Thanks to the fine folks who have done this is the past.) And give Dave Barnett's band The Boyfriends a spin, while you're at it.

Been listening to Franz Ferdinand the last couple of days. Someone sent me "Darts of Pleasure" last year and I wasn't blown away, but the self-titled album is growing on me. Very '80s, like a smashed together version of The Strokes and the first two albums by Jack.

Current Soundtrack: Duran Duran, Decade

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