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Saturday, March 13, 2004


My new routine on Saturday morning, as started last week and perpetuated this (thus, enough to be a routine in my eyes), is getting up, taking a bath and reading comics, watching a light movie (last week: Laurel Canyon, this: Pieces of April), and then trundling off to a coffee shop to write.

This morning I was at Starbucks by 9:30, and I tore into that comic script I needed to write for an upcoming anthology. It's been a month or two since I had the idea and submitted it, but the story was still fresh thanks to the "outline" of it I wrote at the time. My approach is going to be similar to Brian Bendis' Fortune & Glory in that a cartoon version of me narrates this thing and speaks to the audience. So, back when the inspiration hit, I was walking to work and plotted out the thing almost entirely as a monologue--which I then quickly wrote out when I got in the office. Hence, "outline" in quotes, as it was a bit of an unconventional approach.

I do want to read over it and be sure I am happy with it before I hand it over to Andi Watson to see if he still wants to draw it. I am a little concerned that it's front heavy, with more being crammed into the first couple of pages because I was worried I'd run out of space. At least, though, I know Andi can handle crowded pages and make them work. His style makes everything look decidedly uncrowded.

No release date as of yet, I've just been told that the people putting it together are hoping to have the material in by June.

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