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Saturday, March 06, 2004


What the fuck just happened?

I was feeling restless this morning. I was going to work on that eight-page comic script, like I mentioned earlier, but I realized I had left the outline on my work computer. I had written it out like a monologue with some vague descriptions when I had the idea, but I didn't have that on me.

I decided to get out of the house and packed up my computer and thought I'd sit and have a coffee and a chocolate muffin with a cheesecake bottom and force myself to write something. I figured I'd either just start jamming on some spot of The Everlasting or I'd tinker with an idea I've been mulling over for a couple of months now. It's a Lance Scott story, set four years after The Everlasting, just a short one-off.

Well, I went with the second option, and in just under two-and-a-half hours, I banged out a 4,732-word story. Complete. Done. I'll probably read it tomorrow and decide it sucks, but that's not important, not in the face of having done it. I haven't been able to finish a short story in several years. My hard drive is littered with half-bodies, dismembered narratives. And this just poured out (soundtracked by Depeche Mode, Aztec Camera, and The Auteurs).

There is no title yet. The file name is "Hair is Love"--and trust me, it's a lot less predictable for me than that tag would have you believe. I just had to call it something.

Current Soundtrack: Dave Gahan, "Bottle Living/Hold On"

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