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Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Two announcements today.

Announcment the first: Tokyopop has released details of the project I have been working on. I am the author of Clamp School Case Files: Paranormal Investigators. It was a weird and different project. I tried to do some research, but it was strange to get the rough translation and try to read it, because I couldn't make heads or tails of it by just going over it blind. I had to dig in with my fingers and type type type, and that was why I was worried about revision time. I needed enough to go back and try to make it flow, to tie things together properly. There were odd bits of timeframes not lining up, and narrative voice, and, of course, solving the riddles of CLAMP's genderbending. There was also the challenge of all these characters who, typical to the CLAMP style, are sort of ageless and speak in very high-mannered tones (particularly true of the Clamp School books) and finding ways to make them distinct. Not sure how successful I was, but like I said a few posts back, I did enjoy it on my final readthrough before turning it in.

Announcement the second: I am contributing more reviews to Artbomb. The first is up today. It's for the book Gemma Bovery by Posy Simmonds, as recommended to me by Andi Watson (and supposedly Chynna) and loaned to me by Ian Shaughnessy. I liked it a lot, and this has encompassed my reading for the early part of the week.

My other reading, around Gemma and Love & Poison, was digging back into Growing Up with Audrey Hepburn by Rachel Moseley. Given how dense it is, it's easier on my very little brain to take it in chunks. I'm not enjoying it as much as I'd hoped, either. It's a little too scholarly. Moselely sometimes spends five pages laboring a point, and it seems like a more conversational tone with less quotes from other sources would be more interesting. When she finally does talk about the movies, it becomes more engrossing, but the way she excerpts her interviews is too clinical, too anxious to be accurate. Her focus is on the use of Hepburn fashion to change one's social status, to identify with the image, but the human aspect seems shoved aside for the sake of academics.

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