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Thursday, August 12, 2004


Lunch today with James Lucas Jones to discuss graphic novels.

Over 3,000 words on The Everlasting after, listening to The Jam all the while. "Wouldn't it be something if the city planners anticipated people like me? They could name streets appropriately. I'd be wandering along and I'd find myself at the corner of Nostalgia and Heartache. People would whisper that there is a back alley where Confusion crosses with Clarity, and if you find yourself there, everything changes. Morrissey fans could spend late nights down on Maudlin Street."

Now to start watching movies for the August edition of "Can You Picture That?" due to go live this coming Tuesday.

The John Kerry rally tomorrow?

Current Soundtrack: Keane, Hopes & Fears

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Anonymous said...

And Happiness Street, its really more like one of those crazy intercessions where five roads come together. So there's a little spot—getting to it requires crossing a couple of lanes of traffic—that you can occupy, provided that none of the oncoming traffic decides to head toward you.

Jamie S. Rich said...

"Intercession"? Lucky for you you didn't sign your name.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that I'm willing to come back and admit when I'm not being a jerk on your comment board, I'm paid to be an editor.

Ah well.

Chris (qedcomics@yahoo.com)
ps. If nothing else, I'm willing to owe up to my mistakes.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Nah. 's cool. I actually was expecting a response that would be a barrage to all of my previous typos. :)