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Monday, August 02, 2004


My monthly picks for the video store have now been chosen. No theme this month, just movies:

* The Chocolate War starring Ilan Mitchell-Smith, dir. Keith Gordon

* Mademoiselle starring Jeanne Moreau, dir. Tony Richardson

* One, Two, Three starring James Cagney, dir. Billy Wilder

* Shanghai Express starring Marlene Dietrich & Anna May Wong, dir. Josef Von Sternberg

* Wait Until Dark starring Audrey Hepburn, dir. Terence Young

We're going to try allowing comments on the blog now. Though I like sort of just talking to myself, it has been asked for, so we'll try it. My ignorance about webwork has created a compromise, though, in that you can't really tell I am taking comments. But, if you click on the timestamp under this and future posts, you should be able to add your thoughts.

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m...coale... said...

Audrey? Check. Billy Wilder? Check. Jeanne Moreau? Check. I didn't see any Criterions oR Wong Kar-Wai, or the list would have been complete. :>

Do you have to write blurbs for them too? I always liked writing those at the bookstore for Staff Picks.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Yeah, I usually try to work in one Criterion, just for the hell of it. I had almost gone with a double-shot of GEORGE WASHINGTON and RATCATCHER, but then remembered I had wanted to do CHOCOLATE WAR.

I did IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE my first month, but then got them to have Wong Kar-Wai as a featured director recently, so I avoided his stuff. We do two featured directors a month, as well. But no blurbs.

m...coale... said...

I don't remember if we discussed it before, but RATCATCHER just creeped me out. (which I think was the point)

I'm awaiting your thoughts on the Renoir box. I don't think I've seen any of the films in it before.

BTW, the Altman and the other new movies have been added to the master page now.