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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


It's time for my September video picks. Since we're heading into fall, I decided on a theme of change, but with some specific strictures.

All of these movies take place within an enclosed space of time, be it over a day, a couple of hours, or a weekend. One takes place in real time, opening on a clock and closing on the same clock, advanced in an amount equal to the running time of the film you just watched.

All of them exist in our world, but in their own way, separate. Some are different metaphorically and less recognizable than others, but whether it's an airport terminal, the late-night streets of NY, or the artistic underworld in Paris, they wear the trappings of every day life without actually being a part of it.

Finally, as I said above, all feature some kind of change, and usually it's the isolated nature of the setting that allows for this, creating a world of metaphor where the characters can go on a journey to advance. In the process, they defeat fate, staving off death, loneliness, age, and failure, so that they can progress to the next stage of their lives.

* Black Orpheus, directed by Marcel Camus

* Bringing Out The Dead, starring Nicolas Cage, dir. Martin Scorsese

* Cleo From 5 to 7, starring Corrine Marchand, dir. Agnes Varda

* Jet Lag, starring Juliette Binoche & Jean Reno

* The Set-Up, dir. Robert Wise

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