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Thursday, September 23, 2004


Monday I finished and coded "Can You Picture That?"

Tuesday was a bust, barely eeking out some notes on the next book and a few lines in the conversation I had stopped in the middle of the last time I had worked on The Everlasting, which was how the previous week had ended, with me trying to understand the new territory I was in with Part III.

Today was lunch with Keith Wood, Oni's main designer, and then some script polish on the zombie story now that I have Guy Davis' pencils, and cleaning up comics piled in my kitchen. In truth, procrastination efforts. I even watched Slacker and discovered it's grown really annoying in its old age.

So, for something different, at a quarter to midnight, I sat down and started writing, jumping much farther ahead in The Everlasting and writing 2,425 words of a later sequence in just under two hours. And I may keep going. I haven't decided.

And how long has this been up, I wonder?

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