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Monday, September 27, 2004


It's a comic book week. I am working on part of a script today, so my collaborator can have a good chunk of pages in the drawer for when work schedules permit, and there are a couple of notable releases that I am connected to coming out this week. All should be available at your local comics shop this Wednesday, at the Oni store online, or when links are provided, Amazon (though, currently, they show the items as out-of-stock, I imagine things will be set right within a week).

First up on the release rack is the hardcover edition of Queen & Country, vol. 6 - Operation: Dandelion, the last arc of the book I was involved with and which I wrote the intro for.

Next is the trade paperback collection of Too Much Hopeless Savages!. Christine Norrie and I worked together on a comic strip intro/outro that, when I reread it last week in the printed version, I was really proud of. Fans of Alfred Hitchcock Presents will hopefully be pleased, and since the book's title is an homage to The Man Who Knew Too Much, we are all of one.


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Finally, we conclude with what is my last official editing job, Scandalous by J. Torres and Scott Chantler. It's set in post-WWII Hollywood, amongst the red scare and the early tabloid days, and is a great read. You can check out some pages and an interview here. It also has an afterword by Ande Parks.


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Though the book itself won't be out until January, Eric Stephenson has released the cover to Four-Letter Worlds this week. My story with Andi Watson will be behind this nifty image:

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