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Friday, January 28, 2005


I've been writing about my friend Lara Michell a lot lately. She's a busy girl, what with her solo CD release and the D2 tribute night. This coming Wednesday, she is debuting with yet another band, The Stolen Sweets. They will be playing every Wednesday through March at the Laurelthirst Pub. Information on the venue is on their site. Also on their site is a downloadable six-track demo that you have to check out.

Here, also, is a copy of the poster for the show, which you can click on for a larger version:

The Stolen Sweets are working in the style of 1920s and '30s jazz, inspired mainly by the three-part vocal harmonies of the Boswell Sisters. In addition to Lara, the other vocalists include Jen Bernard (also part of one of Lara's other projects, Carmina Luna, who also have a demo online) and Erin Sutherland (veteran of many Portland bands). Fans of '90s indie music will also recognize Pete Krebs, leader of Hazel back in the day.

A quick lookaround their site and sampling the demos will show the care these folks are putting into this band. This is no mere re-creation, but a bonafide project put together by people who love the music. I'm definitely going out for the first night, this coming Wednesday, February 2nd, and plan to hit several more if I can. So, those of you who are under the same gray skies as myself, you have plenty of opportunities; the rest of you, download the music and enjoy, and maybe drop the band a line to say you liked it.

And since I am in hype mode, Lara also has a show on February 12, a CD release with the band Dirty Martini. Details can be found on their site.

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