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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I finished the draft of the novella yesterday. Actually, I finished it Monday, but yesterday I did a couple of dialogue tweaks and added a scene that had popped into my head that I think added weight to the tale. Very nervous about this one, it's very different.

Started and finished the first volume of the new manga assignment today. Started in the late morning and worked on through tonight, finishing in time for Law & Order. It's not the fastest I've ever worked--one of the Man of Many Faces volumes was done in three hours, because they forgot to give it to me and it was an emergency, and we do amazing things in emergencies--but I just am feeling muscular these days, what with all the working, and I got on the treadmill and refused to stop.

Tonight I am going to hack away some more at reading a friend's first draft of her first novel, because the longer I take the guiltier I feel.

And Brad Meltzer is a prince. Why is not important. He just is.

Finally, for those of you in Portland looking for something to do Saturday, I am apparently to be a judge of the '80s outfit competition at the Duran Duran tribute night at the Fez (details here), organized by the fabulous Lara Michell. I will likely be inebriated and flirting shamelessly--but only with you, dear, you are my one true, special darling.

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