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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Newsarama has run a two-part interview with Diana Schutz in regards to Sexy Chix. For those wondering about Joelle Jones, the artist for the graphic novel I wrote, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, here is a sample of her art from the story she did for that anthology:

Diana also has this to say about her, "Joelle Jones, who is new to comics, has illustrated [Sarah Grace McCandless'] story...I met Joelle quite by chance at a local Portland convention about a year ago. She’d been showing her work to David Mack, who was a guest of the show, and he brought her over to me. Joelle is a young girl with whopping promise as an artist. Definitely someone to keep an eye on — also, she’s the 'mysterious' girl on our cover mock-up whom no one can identify and everyone is curious about!"

I can't agree with her more!

On another note, my jury duty is hopefully over tomorrow. Until then, I remain your humble Juror #4.

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1031 said...

Wow. She's really good. I can't wait for the graphic novel.

Still need to save up some coin for the Sexy Chix book, too. Damn college education sucking up all my money.

Denny said...

Now I'm wondering why she's working with you! Love ya Jamie, you got yourself an outstanding artist to collaborate with.

*drool ;)