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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


[Cross published with Oni Press]

Hey, everyone!

It's been no secret that I've had a graphic novel called 12 Reasons Why I Love Her in the pipeline for some time now. I hit a stumbling block when my initial collaborator could no longer do the book, and Oni and I had to go on the hunt for someone new.

That someone came in the form of a talented new artist named Joelle Jones. Joelle's first comic book work will hit the stands later this year -- a short story she illustrated that was written by our pal Sarah Grace McCandless for the Dark Horse anthology Sexy Chix. No sooner was she done with that than we snatched her up for 12 Reasons. Here exclusively is one of her first sketches of our main characters, done on the back page of the script:

Pretty keen, huh?

We're already digging into the story. Joelle is thumbnailing and pencilling and working on cover designs. Expect the publication of this 150-page original graphic novel late in the summer of 2006! It's going to be the full-length comic book debut for the both of us!


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Chynna said...

Awesome! The sketches remind me of a J. Scott Campbell, but if he actually drew in proportion! I can't wait to see the book.

: D

Denny said...

150 Page OGN...DROOL!

Gorgeous sketches, feel free to send a script on the back of THOSE!