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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Last week I did inventory on my short stories, noting especially what had been sent out that had not been replied to, so that I could figure out what stories needed to get some more action now that the holidays are over. I saw that in June I had sent a copy of "You Once Said You Liked Happy Endings" to the New Orleans Review, and I felt, given all the horrible things that happened down there this past fall, it was perfectly okay if I never heard from them about it. Lo and behold, but what should show up in my mail today, but a rejection slip from the magazine. What perseverence!

You don't believe me? You don't think it took some kind of amazing intestinal fortitude to get back in the saddle and answer that submission?

Well, get this. They included the first page of the story in the envelope. The top half of the page is water damaged and has a sickly color not unlike that of a manila envelope, which was what I used to send it to them. There is also a rusted outline of the paperclip that held everything together.

It's bizarre and sad and a little amazing all at the same time.

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