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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Today is a big day for my good friend and collaborator Joelle Jones. Her comic book debut is on the stands at last!

Yes, I know people have problems with the title. Yes, I know people have problems with the cover. But seriously, get over it. Read this write-up. That's some impressive line-up. Plus, Joelle is drawing the story of another of my friends, and an excellet writer, Sarah Grace McCandless, so you have to read this. And since I'm dropping names, how about other people I know and get all fuzzy for, like Chynna Clugston, Laurenn McCubbin, and Colleen Coover? Huh? (That's Sarah, Chynna, and Colleen, second row from the bottom, right to left. Joelle and Laurenn were wrongfully relegatd to the back. I plan to sue.)

If you don't have a comic book shop where you can get this, order it from my Amazon link by clicking on the cover above.

UDATED TO ADD: The preview on the Dark Horse site is four pages by Joelle!


And for anyone wondering about my barely alluded to illness, I'm much better now. For those not, why didn't you notice the barely-an-allusion?

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